I really enjoy walking our dog through our neighbor. The sun was shining, a rare event in western Oregon, and I was really enjoying seeing all the new growth and flowers blooming in my neighborhood.

One of my neighbors was out washing his, new to him mustang convertible. He had all the normal tools out in his driveway. The bucket of soapy water, garden hose and rags.

On our way back down the hill, from a “successful” dog walk, I noticed  all the sudsy water from his car washing  flowing down to, and into the storm drain.

Watching that sudsy  water, got me to wondering.

Where does the soapy water go?

How safe are the cleaning products that he is using?

After I got home, i started to search the internet to find the answers to my questions.

And that is how this site came to be!

Watch  for our next post on what I found out!